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Why neuromarketing is here to stay

February 18, 2015 2 Comments

neuromarketing-brainNot surprisingly, we (the authors of Neuromarketing for Dummies) believe neuromarketing is here to stay — otherwise, we wouldn’t be writing this book! The main reason neuromarketing will endure, we believe, is because it isn’t just another clever concept developed by some consultant or academic. It’s a natural extension of a solid and established foundation of scientific discovery. Neuroscience, social psychology, and behavioral economics are all respected and vibrant scientific disciplines that will continue to direct a stream of insights and findings into neuromarketing.

We don’t believe neuromarketing will usher in a disruptive, new marketing practice. Instead, we expect neuromarketing insights, concepts, and methodologies to be integrated into marketers’ existing toolkits to improve their current practices by giving them new perspectives based on a more realistic understanding of how consumers’ minds actually work.

Neuromarketing allows marketers to view many of their most enduring challenges from a new perspective. It offers a new explanatory framework that puts many old problems in a new light. To mention just a few examples, neuromarketing helps marketers understand

  • Why consumers reject new product ideas when evaluating them in focus groups and interviews, yet end up enthusiastically embracing the new product when it’s launched.
  • Why consumers enthusiastically embrace new product ideas in focus groups and interviews, yet fail to buy the new product when it’s launched.
  • Why some highly engaging, high-profile branding initiatives and advertising campaigns fail to move sales, while others have a tremendous impact.
  • Why consumers don’t need to recall an ad in order for that ad to have an impact on their brand perceptions and purchase decisions.

N4D-cover -120pxThis post is excerpted, with minor edits, from Neuromarketing for Dummies, Chapter 4, “Why Neuromarketing Matters.”

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AvatarSteve is a pioneer in the field of neuromarketing. He founded one of the first neuromarketing research firms in 2006 and published the first comprehensive overview of the field, Neuromarketing for Dummies, in 2013. He established Intuitive Consumer Insights in 2012 to help clients, vendors, and industry associations navigate the opportunities and challenges neuromarketing presents to the marketing and market research communities.

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