Useful stuff for users and observers of neuromarketing

In this section we've collected some materials that might be useful if you are considering or engaging in neuromarketing research:

  • Intuitive Consumer 101 is an informal introduction to the the intuitive consumer, explaining why we have chosen this concept as the central theme of our book and this website.
  • Ethics & Standards contains links to several useful documents relating to ethical principles and standards for neuromarketing.
  • Guides & Checklists is a collection of ... well ... guides and checklists for various aspects of neuromarketing.
  • Recommended Reading contains our current "top ten list" of books we are reading or anticipating, with our reasons why we think they're important. Useful if you want to keep up-to-date with the exciting world of neuromarketing.

Check back in from time to time to catch our latest updates on these topics.