About ICI

A new breed of neuromarketing consultancy

Intuitive Consumer Insights LLC is a specialized neuromarketing services firm founded to help market research buyers get the most out of the rapidly-evolving neuromarketing industry. ICI advisors sit on the buyer's side of the table, helping research and marketing organizations navigate the complex world of neuromarketing for increased value and ROR (return on research). We believe success with neuromarketing is built upon three pillars:

  • Knowledge: Establishing a realistic understanding of what neuromarketing can and cannot do for your organization, building on established scientific findings about consumer judgments, choices, and behavior.
  • Insights: Translating scientific principles into business outcomes, using a new language of conscious and nonconscious consumer processes to reveal new insights into how consumers really respond to marketing messages, advertising, products, and brands.
  • Execution: Building world-class neuromarketing implementation capabilities, including evaluating and selecting neuromarketing vendors and partners; defining, designing and overseeing research projects; interpreting research results and action implications; and successfully integrating neuromarketing into existing research programs.

ICI is dedicated to providing objective, vendor-neutral, and experience-based advice to marketing and research organizations that want to get the most out of neuromarketing. We deliver our services in four ways: writing, public speaking, educating, and consulting.