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Author Archive: Daniel Yarosh

Daniel Yarosh is a technology advisor and expert on the convergence of science and business. His attention is focused now on neuromarketing, evolutionary biology, and luxury goods. He works within the beauty industry as Chief Technology Advisor to R&D, Estee Lauder Companies. He advises the company on long term biotechnology strategy and scouts for the latest technology trends that impact the beauty and skincare industry. Outside the beauty industry he advises on trends in the convergence of science & technology with luxury, aesthetic & personalized medicine and human aspirations. He has special expertise in dermatology. In 2014 he joined the Board of Directors, Aceto Corp. (Nasdaq: ACET) a pharma company.

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The Human Brand: Evolution, Neuromarketing and Cosmetics

January 26, 2015 0 Comments
The Human Brand: Evolution, Neuromarketing and Cosmetics

Copyright Daniel B. Yarosh, Ph.D. 2014. All Rights Reserved. Editor’s note: I had the pleasure of spending some time with Dan Yarosh when we were both speakers at a conference in Lima, Peru last November. Dan’s presentation was a big hit, and I recently discovered he had posted a version of it on his website at I asked […]

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