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“300 years ago Jonathan Swift warned, ‘It’s useless to try to reason a man out of a thing he wasn’t reasoned into.’ With scientifically-grounded evidence, Stephen Genco documents how traditional marketing ignores this counsel by seeking to move consumers via rational, persuasive argumentation rather than by aligning with their intuitive operating systems. Marketers would do well to take into account the considerable evidence in this book when structuring their messages.”

—ROBERT CIALDINI, author of Influence and Pre-Suasion

“I recommend you buy several different packets of excitingly colored Post-It Notes to accompany this book, as you will read it once and then refer to it one hundred times more.”

—RORY SUTHERLAND, Vice Chairman, Ogilvy,
author of Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas that Don’t Make Sense

"This is a very interesting, useful, and wise book. I look forward to plundering it deeply.”

—LES BINET, author of The Long and the Short of It, 
Head of Effectiveness Adam & Eve DDB

"With his new book, Steve Genco will challenge the way you think about marketing and challenge you to be better at your craft.”

—NIR EYAL, author of Hooked and Indistractable

Intuitive Marketing is the most comprehensive marketing science book you will read. Steve Genco does an incredible job exploring both neurological and psychological sciences to give readers a well-rounded perspective on all things behavior. If you are a fan of behavioral economics, behavioral design or just science-based marketing, this book is for you. Don’t “over-think” this purchase. Go with your intuition and add this book to your marketing library.”

—WILL LEACH, Founder, Triggerpoint Design, author of Marketing to Mindstates

“Many of my heroes are in this book, from Antonio Damasio to Daniel Kahneman and others. Add Steve Genco to that list. It’s rare in my experience to find a book that comprehensively covers a topic judiciously and with deft humor and a constant eye to what’s practical. Against the usual suspects—either stubborn, old-fashioned viewpoints repainted to look fresh, or huge puffballs of hype—here’s the real thing. Read to learn, enjoy, and profit.”

—DAN HILL, Founder, Sensory Logic, author of Emotionomics and
First Blush: People’s Intuitive Reactions to Famous Art

“In this follow up book to Neuromarketing for Dummies, Steve Genco clearly presents a sophisticated and informative update of intuitive marketing tactics by boiling up a vast array of theoretical research into a compelling read that I have recommended to both my academic and commercial colleagues. Steve presents a comprehensive, concise and entertaining array of classic and current research, all meant to galvanize brand success through informed strategy.”

—KIMBERLY ROSE CLARK, PhD, Lecturer & Researcher,
Dartmouth College Department of Psychological & Brain Science,
Co-Founder, Chief Research Officer of Merchant Mechanics

“Learning in biology, psychology and the social sciences have given us new understanding of how people behave. Far from the rational ‘homo economicus’ beast most marketing has been built around, people are intuitive by nature and nurture. Intuitive Marketing draws a better map of how marketing should work and its conclusions are far from intuitive, A provocative, and important, read to inspire us to make marketing that actually works.”

—GARETH KAY, Co-founder of Chapter, “a new type of creative studio”

“This book is a gift of wisdom and practical help that moves the conversation, practice, and execution forward.”

—PETE TRAINOR, author of Hippo: Human-Focused Digital

“Every marketer and aspiring marketer needs to read this book. For a select few it will confirm their current practice. For a majority it will offer new insights and a deep understanding of how consumers make purchase decisions and how marketers can shape them.”

—PETER STEIDL, author of  The Market Research Revolution and Neurobranding

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