Intuitive Marketing

What's Inside?

Chapter 1. The Promise of Intuitive Marketing
  • Eight Brain Science Findings that Change Marketing as We Know It
  • Meet the Intuitive Consumer
  • Three Prerequisites for Understanding Intuitive Marketing
  • Intuitive Marketing vs. Persuasive Marketing
  • Mechanisms of Intuitive Marketing
  • Turning Down the Noise: Making Marketing Less Disruptive
Chapter 2. Intuitive Marketing in Perspective
  • How Consumers Think: The Cognitive Timeline
  • Unconscious Behavioral Guidance and Consumer Behavior
  • The Scope of Intuitive Marketing
  • Timing and Intuitive Marketing
  • Persuasion, Influence, and the Future of Marketing
Chapter 3. Understanding Attention
  • Aiming the Spotlight of Attention
  • Varieties of Attention
  • Sources of Attention
  • Getting Attention Is Easier than Holding It
  • Sources of Intuitive Influence: Aligned-Intent Marketing
Chapter 4. Marketing in the Absence of Attention
  • Pioneers of Intuitive Marketing: Robert Heath
  • Sources of Intuitive Influence: Low-Attention Marketing
Chapter 5. How We Prefer, What We Prefer
  • How We Prefer: System 1 Meets System 2
  • What We Prefer: The Novelty-Familiarity Continuum
  • Novelty vs. Familiarity: Does It Blend?
Chapter 6. Shortcuts to Consumer Preference
  • Pioneers of Intuitive Marketing: Robert Zajonc
  • Mere Exposure and Intuitive Marketing
  • Feeling the Warm Glow of Processing Fluency
  • Processing Fluency and Intuitive Marketing
Chapter 7. Intuitive Marketing and Lasting Consumer Preferences
  • The Fragility of Consumer Preferences: Seven Principles
  • Why Expressed Preferences Don’t Reliably Predict Behavior
  • Can Intuitive Marketing Build Lasting Preferences?
  • Sources of Intuitive Influence: Consistency, Reliability, and Trust
Chapter 8. Emotions in the Marketplace
  • Pioneers of Intuitive Marketing: Antonio Damasio
  • How Unconscious Emotions Influence Behavior
  • Unconscious Emotions Are for Deciding, Feelings Are for Learning
Chapter 9. Emotional Displays in Marketing
  • Liking: The Most Overrated Emotion
  • How Consumers Remember Emotion in Marketing
  • Three Ways to Influence Consumers Using Emotional Displays
  • Sources of Intuitive Influence: Small Emotional Rewards
Chapter 10. Wants, Needs, and Goals
  • Wanting and Needing: How Desire and Compulsion Move Us
  • The Centrality of Goals in Consumer Behavior
  • How Goals Get Activated
  • Can Products and Brands Activate Goals?
Chapter 11. Consumer Goals in Action
  • The Means and Ends of Goal Pursuit
  • Sources of Intuitive Influence: Aspirations and Identity
  • Addendum: Replication Failures and Behavior Priming
Chapter 12. How Consumers Learn Without Trying
  • Pioneers of Intuitive Marketing: Andrew Ehrenberg
  • A User’s Guide to Human Memory Systems
  • How Implicit Learning Puts Thoughts in Our Heads
Chapter 13. Can Consumers Be Conditioned?
  • Evaluative Conditioning: Not So Simple After All
  • Evaluative Conditioning In the Real World
  • Learning, Evaluative Conditioning, and Intuitive Marketing
Chapter 14. Priming and Knowledge Accessibility
  • Priming Brings Learned Associations to Mind
  • Priming, Salience, and Knowledge Accessibility
Chapter 15. The Challenge of Behavioral Economics
  • Rebels at the Gate: Herbert Simon and James March
  • Pioneers of Intuitive Marketing: Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky
Chapter 16. Ethical Marketing in a Post-Rational World
  • Behavioral Design and Consumer Well-Being
  • Behavioral Design and Covert Persuasion
  • When Are Behavioral Interventions Ethical?
Chapter 17. The Marketer’s Dilemma
  • Rethinking How Consumers Think
  • Putting Persuasion in Its Proper Place
  • Achieving Influence Without Persuasion
  • The Limits of Intuitive Marketing
Notes and References

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