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To keep things simple, "for Dummies" books do not use footnotes or citations. Although we specifically referenced a few of our sources in the book, we felt a need to go further for those readers who expect a statement beginning with "Researchers have found ..." to be followed by a reference to who those researchers are, what they found, and where they published it.

The Neuromarketing for Dummies add-on, "References & Notes for Readers," is now available for free download. This 70-page document supplements the book with page-by-page citations and additional notes for all references made in the book, including books, academic articles, press articles. and Internet blogs and references. Also included are extended quotes and commentary that further develop some of the key ideas presented in the book. Most of the material referenced is available online for free, or in the case of some academic articles, can be purchased from the publisher.

We hope this document will make Neuromarketing for Dummies more useful for readers who want to learn more, teachers who want to build out a neuromarketing curriculum around the content of the book, and readers who just want to dig down into the vast literatures in neuroscience, social psychology, and behavioral economics that underlie the book.

Download "Neuromarketing for Dummies References and Notes for Readers" here.

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