Introduction to Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience, by Thomas Ramsøy

This is probably the most thorough yet accessible introduction to neuromarketing available today. Dr. Ramsøy is both an academic neuroscientist with a long list of peer-reviewed publications, and the CEO of a commercial neuromarketing consultancy, Neurons, Inc. If you want to peer into the brains of consumers, this is where to start.

Introduction to Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience manages to balance an in-depth discussion of underlying science with many practical examples from commercial neuromarketing studies. Much of the content from both perspectives comes from Dr. Ramsøy's personal work, which covers a surprising range of topics. For additional comments on this book, see the IC Blog post here.

Favorite quote:

Indeed, it can be contended that consumer assessment is only one half of what neuromarketing is about. The other half, barely used in today’s business, consists of the more tedious work of becoming updated on the science of how consumers feel and think. During the past couple of decades, cognitive neuroscience has provided dramatic changes in our understanding of human perception, attention, consciousness, memory, emotions, preference formation, decision making and social behavior. Becoming up to date on this knowledge will provide advertisers with new skills and tools for communicating with consumers in their struggle to obtain attention, preference, choice and satisfaction for their products and services. It will provide a crucial next step in the toolbox of advertising.

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