Neurobranding, by Peter Steidl

Peter's book remains one of the most insightful treatments of branding strategy from a neuromarketing perspective. This new second edition contains extensive updates, a new chapter, and the addition of introductory exercises to demonstrate some of the key elements underlying the neuroscience behind heurobranding.

Neurobranding is especially strong at depicting how brands build associations in the brain, resulting in significant advantages for leading brands and large (but surmountable) obstacles for challenger brands.

Favorite quote:

Neurobranding allows us see many of the major challenges we face from a new perspective and gives us the opportunity to identify new directions, strategies or solutions. It allows us to understand the following:

  • why consumers reject disruptive ideas when evaluating them in research groups and interviews yet end up enthusiastically buying the brand, product or service once launched;
  • or the corollary: why consumers enthusiastically embrace brands, products and services in market research yet fail to buy them once launched;
  • why some highly engaging, high-profile branding initiatives and communications strategies have failed to move sales while others have had a tremendous impact;
  • why brands mature, and how they can be revitalized;
  • why FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands hardly ever win in the long term when they resort to simple variations of the offer, such as product or package variations;
  • why consumers don’t need to be able to recall an ad for the ad to impact on brand perceptions and influence their purchase decision.

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