Neuromarketing for Dummies, by Stephen Genco, Andrew Pohlmann, and Peter Steidl

N4D remains the consensus "Bible" of neuromarketing. Thousands have read it and you should too. Still the most accessible introduction to neuromarketing out there. If you want to know what this new field is all about, you can save your pennies by starting here.

Favorite quote:

In the grand tradition of the For Dummies series, we don’t take our subject matter or ourselves too seriously — which is particularly important for the topic of neuromarketing, because some people treat this topic as something that’s just too complicated for mere mortals to understand. Usually, when an expert tells you something is too complicated for you to understand, it means you’re about to be charged a lot of money or they don’t want you to ask too many questions. We hope this book helps level the playing field between practitioners, consumers of neuromarketing services, and just plain consumers, so that everyone has a more grounded and realistic picture of what’s involved and what’s realistic to expect, in the brave new world of neuromarketing.

As you dig into this book, you see that neuromarketing isn’t about magical buy buttons in the brain, or about creating zombie consumers who are powerless to resist the enticements of brain-tickling marketers. It’s about some amazing new discoveries in the brain sciences that are fundamentally changing the way we think about thinking, and are inevitably impacting how we think about buying, selling, and experiencing products and services. That’s the revolution—and the excitement—that neuromarketing represents, and it’s what we try to capture in Neuromarketing For Dummies.

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