Guides and Checklists

In this section we collect assorted material that might prove useful if you are seeking more information about neuromarketing or are considering or conducting neuromarketing research.

Neuroscience in Practice: The Definitive Guide for Marketers

Thom Noble, former colleague and good friend, recently published an excellent guide to neuromarketing vendors and methodologies in AdMap magazine. We consider it required reading for anyone interested in neuromarketing. You can get access to the story and the article on Thom's NeuroStata website, here.

Our Guide to Neuromarketing-Related Blogs: Ten to Follow

We subscribe to over 50 blogs in various categories. Choosing favorites is hard, but these 10 blogs consistently deliver timely and useful posts with lots of implications for neuromarketing, even if most are not strictly "neuromarketing" blogs.

By the way, for reading blogs we recommend our favorite new newsreader, Feedly, which can be downloaded here.

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Our Vendor Assessment Checklist

We provide a more detailed checklist in Chapter 21 of Neuromarketing for Dummies. But asking the following six questions will get you a long way toward making a good decision about selecting a neuromarketing partner.

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ESOMAR's "36 Questions to Help Commission Neuroscience Research"

In 2011 ESOMAR, the global market research organization, released a comprehensive checklist for assessing neuroscience vendors and methodologies. ESOMAR's 36 questions are divided into nine categories. The full report is available on the ESOMAR website here.

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