ESOMAR's "36 Questions to Help Commission Neuroscience Research"

In 2011 ESOMAR, the global market research organization, released a comprehensive checklist for assessing neuroscience vendors and methodologies. ESOMAR's 36 questions are divided into nine categories. The full report is available on the ESOMAR website here.

Company profile

Vendor experience and expertise.

Technique portfolio

Techniques and methodological specializations.

Specific tools and metrics

Specific measures (e.g, attention, emotion, memory), scientific foundations of measures, extent of measures (e.g., overall or moment-to-moment).


Whether research can be performed outside a laboratory setting.

Sample size

Recommended sample sizes for target population and sub-group breakdowns.

Sample source and composition

Sample recruitment procedures, validation of sample representativeness, any restrictions imposed by the methodologies employed.

Statistical analysis and database comparisons

Details of significance testing, normative database comparisons, and modeling techniques.

Data quality and validity

Data quality control processes, data validity testing, data interpretation standards.

Policies and compliances

Subject safety and privacy policies, age restrictions, additional ethical considerations.

The report also contains a short summary of neuroscience-based research techniques, including their underlying technologies, procedures, and measurement aims.