Neuromarketing for Dummies

A look under the hood for every marketer and market researcher

Neuromarketing is a new and sometimes controversial branch of market research that studies how consumers' brains and bodies respond to advertising and media. Neuromarketing is growing in popularity because it offers new ways to look at the age-old question: why do consumers buy? 

Neuromarketing For Dummies goes beyond the hype to explain the latest findings in this growing and often misunderstood field. It shows business owners and marketers how neuromarketing really works and how they can use it to their advantage. It provides an in-depth look at how neuromarketing is impacting research in advertising, in-store and online shopping, product and package design, and much more.  Topics include:

  • How neuromarketing works
  • Insights from the latest neuromarketing research
  • How to apply neuromarketing strategies to any level of advertising or marketing, on any budget
  • Practical techniques to help your customers develop bonds with your products and services
  • The ethics of neuromarketing

Neuromarketing for Dummies demystifies the topic for business owners, students, and marketers and offers practical ways it can be incorporated into your existing marketing plans.

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